Be steve.

“We pursue that which runs away from us.” I have to say that the movie The Tao of Steve is one of the most dead on, perfectly scripted things I’ve ever seen. It’s just so dead on with what always seems to happen with every relationship I’ve been in. I always end up chasing the girl who gets bored or pissed off or scared or whatever. And I always end up getting hurt.

Well fuck that.

Really. Go see the movie. NOW.

  1. Tina says:

    FairPlay:I was disturbed to read in the forum you have baennd Cinevate as a sponsor. This really casts a shadow on the objectivity of this whole dslr review. While you may not like their products banning them is not the solution.Many readers of this forum are happy users of their products. I think you have embarked on a dangerous course and doing damage to your reputation and that of Cinema 5D. Maybe this all has gone to your head and you are displaying the the sort of egomania and arrogance we normally associate with Steve Weiss from Zacuto.

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