take a walk

It’s is simply a beautiful day outside. The sky is a perfect clear blue. It’s cool and dry. It’s like Santa Monica, except no ocean, and it’s only cool because it means fall is here. Which is good and bad. I’m definly all about summer. Swimsuits, outside concernts, cookouts, laying in warm grass, yada yada yada. Take a walk outside today y’all.

  1. Seba says:

    Lindsay,What’s the point of studying such thgnis.It helps destroy the argument for diversity. It helps bolster the case for WN/racialism/racial separatism/eugenics/any sort of race- based social policy.Blacks and Hispanics don’t want to hear about it, and they will never accept the findings.Angry/envious/resentful Maoists don't want to hear that their view of economics is some highfalutin' horseshit but it behooves economists to point it out anyway.I have shopped these ideas around to Whites, and most of them don’t care either. Most Whites aren’t that smart, and they don’t care about IQ. They figure theirs is not that high anyway, and they don’t like smart people. Once you start talking IQ, they get defensive and figure you think yours must be higher than theirs. The whole idea that race IQ stuff is going to take US White culture by storm and transform it is a WN delusion.The case will be clinched by explaining how their own lives will see improvement as a result of accepting such views. This happens to be true for blacks also: they'll escape being gangbangered by moronic hispanics who openly despise them.

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