Why to avoid California

Quake shakes heart of California wine country – Man. I knew there’s something I should have thought about regarding California. I love the state, but at least in Virginia/East Coast/DC we have warnings for those nasty Hurricanes. Of course, it could be worse, this could have been the massive fault line that runs through Missouri and goes off once every 500 years and decimates everything for a 500 mile radius. Yum a licious.

  1. Roseina says:

    Regarding Fat Model, Skinny Controller: I really doubt that this can be a gearenl rule. The most obvious reason is the word "fat". You don't really want any part of your code fat. Fat code usually means code that is hard to follow. If you really want reusuable code that would otherwise make your models fat, I suggest putting it into ./lib. That's what this folder is for, right? MVC is nice but in reality complex stuff cannot be separated clearly so I guess it doesn't make sense to try so hard just to comply MVC by 100%. Just my 2 cents...

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