VMA Review

I finally saw the VMAs today while cleaning the apartment. Just a few notes.

  1. Britney Spears is in fact hot as hell. So what if she can’t sing? Just let her prance around in a quasi-see through body suit with a thong. I won’t complain. Honest.
  2. Eminem hates everyone except Dr. Dre. Everyone.
  3. Fred Durst got head from Christina Aguilera, paid a shitload by Eminem to show up in his video, pissed of Christina, and then got back together with her back stage before the show.
  4. Macy Gray does in fact need a haircut
  5. Something about Blink 182 with a midget rockette kickline was just too priceless
  6. Jennifer Lopez does not look as good in Sean John (Puff Daddy’s clothing line) as she did in that dress. DAaaaaaaa-mn
  7. Me and Shep is gonna be rollin up in that joint MAD soon to get our moonman for some whack shit. Remixes as always by DJ Hypnotyza

Not something I would watch begining to end on a regular basis, but damn. All I’m gonna say, SEE THROUGH BODY SUIT! Aiight, back to the middle jump.

  1. Satria says:

    @d00mst4r well, you admited your self that you try hard at troillng, you do it to please others and you admit that you fail at it, and now you wanna slit your wrist? go adopt a dog or find a friend on the internet like fat people do, you must be a very lonely sad little person

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