1. Sunny says:

    :Hey Tom,I actually like your no flrlis money saving suggestions but I was wondering. I just tried using the software utility via USB, are you suggesting an assistant pulls focus from the software? using the buttons in software or pull focus from the ring and use the monitor in software to view? I notice the camera is pretty loud click-click as you pull focus from software. Also I couldn't find anywhere in the software to set your marks. So just holding down the button with my mouse and then letting it go when I think I hit my mark yielded not-so-good results.I appreciate your suggestions for money saving though but I don't think that software works good enough for a follow focus. If there is something I'm missing like if you can set marks or if you know a software that does this I would be very interested in it.

  2. Jayson says:

    I have usb microphone from Yeti and I am hvniag troubles finding a multitrac recording system I have tryd pro tools se and it doesent work.I have used garage band but the problem with this is you have to put the key you are playing in and it doesent work right.need Help! thanks Chris

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