stop/go again?

Ah the joys of having worked all day logn AND still sitting in front of a computer working on a design thesis that you know your critic will say sucks in less that 12 hours. Are we going to have a repeat of the last “Stop/Go” jury? Where I tell them I don’t care and I’m not going into the architecture field? Only time will tell. And now it’s time to take out the contacts before my head explodes.

  1. Gabriele says:

    I just created a brand new SC 6.2 site and added the CustomItemGenerator sucore to my solution as another project. I installed the package into my site, then built the sucore to overwrite the package's CustomItemGenerator.dll. I tried to generate custom item classes for a sample dummy template and the generate button doesn't seem to do anything still.I checked what the button does in the core and saw it calls devtools:generatecustomitem(id=$Target) so I'm thinking maybe something isn't hooking in. I looked in the CustomItemGeneratorCommand class and saw that if you try to generate custom items on any items other than a template or template folder, there should be a sheer alert in SC, which I don't get.

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