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I now hold a Masters of Architecture degree from the Catholic University of America. Aww yeah. Hello World. Too bad I despise my Alma Mater.

  1. Anthony says:

    Geraud:Thank you for this great review!I miss shoot35 putorcds on your review. I personally buy a big redrock shoulder rig and shoot35 blade and follow focus and for the price i prefer shoot35. I feel the same than you about redrock screws. Even if the price is low its a shame. My rig is very heavy, and the handle dont stay in place because of the screws (the new one). There also very hard to tighten.If I was inform with a review like yours before

  2. Lesla says:

    :Hi everyone, First, let's get this legal queositn out of the way: I want to be absolutely clear we never directly, indirectly, or even remotely suggested taking legal action as a result of this review, and we don't have any interest in doing so. Any suggestion that Redrock is considering legal action is completely untrue. It's not the right response, it's not productive, and we'd rather continue to invest our time and effort in our products and services. We really have no idea where this idea that Redrock may threaten legal action came from, but it's bogus. Second, regarding our request to remove Redrock from the evaluation, it wasn't an easy decision to make for us, and we know it won't be a popular one. We have never made this kind of request before, so it is new territory for us as well. In the end we felt the misinformation and skewed results were more of a disservice to us and the community than leaving it be and having to defend it. In reviews, many people read the stars, look at the summary, and in this case probably come to the unfortunate conclusion they need to purchase a $5,000+ vocas rig that most can't and (in our opinion shouldn't) afford. A thoughtful response from us correcting inaccuracies would likely and unfortunately be lost in the details on some thread. If you can stand reading a longer more detailed post, here are just a few of the specific reasons why we made the request, which we have also already shared with cinema5D:- Not the Rigs we sent:We never submitted anything the tripod category. In fact, we weren't even made aware there was such a category until after the review was published. Apparently to fill the gap, the reviewers configured their own version of a Redrock tripod rig based on parts (some of which we didn't even provide), and then were critical of what they created. What they ended up with does not represent Redrock, and based on the pictures they showed, I wouldn't use or recommend what they developed either. Of the two rigs we did provide, the first was modified from the configuration we sent (see below), and the second one (theEvent) wasn't even included in the review.- Changed rig configurations provided:One of the concerns stated the review on the eyeSpy rig was that it didn't sit flat when put down, due to a single handgrip configuration. The rig we sent for review included two handgrips and the handlebar (which you can see in their picture on the first contact page) which allows it to be balanced when set down, but for unknown reasons this was later removed for the evaluation portion. In addition, no mention was made that the Redrock eyeSpy rig is the only one that can be directly attached to a tripod using the integrated baseplate in the shoulderpad a feature we specifically designed to allow easy setting down of the rig and fast change between shouldermount and tripod. This misrepresents our product and its capabilities.- The Price/Value evaluation doesn't ring true.Price/value is what you get for your money. The arri follow focus received six stars for price/value, when the price of just the follow focus is nearly $3,000. The most deluxe version of the Redrock eyeSpy rig at $1450 includes follow focus, shouldermount, DSLR offset, counterbalance weights, handgrips, lens gears, and other accessories, and yet receives a lower price/value rating. In our opinion this is simply misleading and inaccurate. If you spend $3,000 for a follow focus, you should expect it will be exceptional. Redrock has always focused on providing great quality products with price as one of our primary design criteria.- Limited evaluation criteria, which is still a mysteryImportant criteria are missing from the evaluation, such as the ability to expand or customize the rig and add features, and the ability to use the equipment on both DSLR and video cameras. In fact, it would have been great if they asked us (all of us, really) what criteria to include. All criteria may not be critical for everyone, but helps to explain what the rigs were intended to do, and what the companiesAfter seeing the review our first reaction was to request a copy of the evaluation criteria and rankings. After two additional requests, we sadly have still not received a copy of the criteria and ratings as of this writing. We still hold out hope it will be sent to us. We stand behind our products 100% and are committed to quality and affordability, and to continually improving our offerings. Our recommendation and hope is that everyone will have the opportunity to see and use Redrock products in person whenever possible. We attend as many shows as we can (NAB, Cinegear, HDExpo east and west, ramping up on PDN, etc.) and love for people to try them out and give us feedback. Rent Redrock from companies who provide it if you want to try it out first. Read several reviews to get a broad perspective. We stand behind our gear and believe it's a great value for a great quality product. We believe in objective reviews that are transparent to all, objective, and without personal gain, and expect many future offerings as well.I also want to add the cinema5D community is a really great resource for everyone, and we remain fully supportive. We were one of the original sponsors (if not the first), and hope to continue doing so in the future. Sebastian and his group have done an excellent job in creating a place for sharing information that benefits both users and the folks who supply equipment. If you've read this far, thanks for your patience and in hearing us out. BrianRedrock Micro

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