1. Scarlett says:

    I just purchased a CG Pro Bedslide from Trucks Plus in Omaha. I asked about some tie down actathments and was told you do not have them. However on you web site video you show some. How can I purchase a set of those tie downs? Also I had the dealer install my Bedslide and they did not mention a warranty registration card. Whats the deal with that?Regards,Jim Elliott

  2. Facundo says:

    If anyone needs breaings for their contractor grade SR10, the bearing number is 5203RS. You can find them online. Also, if you are under warranty, Bedslide will send them to you free, but only if you have already taken the unit apart and counted how many of the 8 are broken. 3 of mine were broken.Tips: The instructions say you can remove the bottom breaings, then lift the bedslide out. Not! I couldn't get it out without taking the whole deck off first. It was a pain in the butt. Additionally, the breaings on the top frame are attached with carriage bolts, so you will have to cut the old bolts off to get to the broken breaings and replace them. Be prepared to make a trip to the hardward store to buy new bolts and be sure to plan on several hours to complete the job. In the end, it was worth the effort as the slide now works great! I hope this info helps.

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