Damn script kiddies.

Ah yes. A virus. So nice to see one of those circulating in our office. “FBI AND PRESIDENT SECRETS!” or something like that. References 2600.com. Damn script kiddies.

  1. Channelle says:

    crunchyfrog555Posted March 4, 2010 at 5:43 PMJust got to add my agreement to this. Much as I'm a self-confessed geek with a few book reaedrs, printed gets my vote every time. Maybe I'm a nostalgist, which is why I tend to buy Folio Society copies of books that I deem special to me (to those that don't know, Folio Society are well-made hardback versions, printed on top-quality paper, housed in a slip case).The newspaper argument is losing ground, though. Sales are tailing off colossally, long-established papers are going under. But, this may in part be due to the inaccuracies and rubbish that they write more than anything. But to a greater degree than those of us who still keep vinyl records, because of the quality benefits over many CDs, a large amount of people will still want their printed newspaper. Ease of use, carrying to work, sitting on the bog, or whatever that's your kiddy!It's sad to say that Apple are still banging this as all-singing all dancing, when as rightly put, it's an uncomfortable middle-ground machine.The one area this would make an absolute killing in is education. It is surely made for school/college work. If only they'd drop the price (via concessions, maybe), these'd be hotcakes more than geek devices.

  2. Alexandre says:

    There is no possible way to mount rails of any sorts to that shugotn unless you do some serious modifications.There is no rail available for those shugotns. +5Was this answer helpful?

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