Blown Away

Oh heck yeah kid, I have to say that “Blown Away” is one of the better flicks in the Corey Haim catalog. And anything with Nicole Eggert from the 80s is definitly worth the rental at Blockbuster, even though she is lookin a bit rough these days…

  1. Albion says:

    the new features and how they work. Of cousre I posted awhile back about some of the new updates here, but that's about all I've done with Rails 2.0 until last week when I started my new

  2. Ala says:

    I was excited to see this tool pseeentrd at Dreamcore 2010 and am glad to see it out in the wild now as well. We've been employing the Custom Item pattern for a few years now at Aware but, as you noted, it does get pretty tedious creating all of the wrapper classes by hand.Hopefully this tool will help spur others into using the Custom Item pattern and, dare I say it, usher in more consistent Sitecore development practices.Thanks for sharing with the community!Adam

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