Cut the cord

Pull away all security blankets. Today was one of those days. It’s everything ending and everything beginning at the same time.

Angie finally moved all her stuff out of the apartment. It’s now insanely bare – Spartan like. I never realized how much the little things and the clutter make something feel like home.

The Masters Thesis finishing is finally hitting home. It’s odd, to be completely finished with something that big. You spend your whole life up to 18 gunning for College and then maybe grad school. And then College turns out to be a complete let down – a complete waste of time – with people who have no clue what they are doing and a school that treats you as if you were still in high school. Then Grad School where they tell you that you are wasting your life away because you’re not following the path that they think you should take.

I think it comes down to that I’ve always felt I was climbing an upward ladder, and now I’ve hit a plateau, and I don’t know which way to go to get to the next ladder. I just know it’s not where I’m at now. And I don’t see it as moving to New York or Los Angeles. That might be part of it, but that as an end is definitely not where I want to be to just be. I need to find something greater than that.

I’ve never moved to a new place without having a definite goal for the short term that I had to meet.

Damnit. Why do you have to be 1000 miles away?

“So climb on yeah, oh yeah, sing out yeah, Everything’s not lost.”
  1. Rams says:

    One of my bikes has a seat leash. This costs about five bucks at REI and deters the kids / kraadekhs who in my experience do not yet carry hex wrenches. The other bike, which is 27 years old and predates things like quick-release seats, has a stainless steel bolt from the hardware store. You need two wrenches to loosen it so again this deters the casual 'take anything I can remove in five seconds' thieves.

  2. Walter says:

    That's the tihiknng of a creative mind

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