Ah what a nutty New Year…

Well, father snow jipped us all. At least in DC. Ten Inches? hardly. Try not even a flake. I’m gonna have words with that man.

So the Ohio crew drove into town and Laura and Kate (whose URL escapes me at this minute) crashed while the rest drove on for fear of the snow. A fear that I helped feed. Based off the past experience with DC and snow, it was justified.

Drew and Natalie were supposed to come with, but she came down with the flu, so that was a no can do. Of all the days to get the flu during the year, that would have to be the worst one. Besides your birthday.

So I roll up and pick up my friend Ashley and we head out to Richmond, get to the hotel, and run over to the club in the shuttle service they provide. Brian, with full Beat Poet beard, wass freaking out because the sushi chef he hired for the evening hadn’t shown up yet. Grab dinner at this weird little place where, as she described, it felt like Cheers: Your neighborhood bar where everyone knows each other. We were the two random extras in the corner.

The show was packed. The venue was all decked out as well. Carbon Leaf put on an amazing show, complete with Tin Whistle and Bagpipes. Agents cranked out a great set, but Andrew had no clue as to when it was New Years, so that was kind of a half assed countdown to the approximate time of midnight. At the end of the night, the assholes they hired for security started fuckin with people and there were a few drunk guys that didn’t understand that “no” means “no.” One of these drunk assholes pushed Jen (whose URL also escapes me at the moment) and about four guys sussinctly jumped him and drug him outside. And then somehow he got back in. They also cut the mains during the last song. Talk about a shitty venue approach to managing a show.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and crashed. Woke up, drove home. What losers we were. So old. Tired and Sober. Not a good idea on NYE. Regardless, it was a good time. Y’all come out next time, y’hear?

  1. Ankit says:

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