Cover done

Ah… The cover is done. And it’s not even 2am yet. Sheez. What up with that?

  1. Woro says:

    Cedric did you actually read Zed's post?Anyone who pours that amunot of energy into lambasting every soul who's not in his current friend list has some serious issues. Frankly, why should we take any of what he has to say seriously? He's one angry individual trying to smear nearly every person who has any connection to rails.What is this, Jerry Springer for software engineers? Your reference to his post undermines your credibility.

  2. Chai says:

    disse:Marcos Santos,obrigada pela postagem!!!!Apenas uma corree7e3o, na foto, estou com Tommaso Lombardi, vice-presidente do Ler para Crescer.Um abrae7o feanrrto.Elaine ElamidRESPOSTA:Corrigido. Obrigado. Parabe9ns.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Hoi Dees , ik neem je niks kwalijk hoor want kom zelf op dit <a href="">moenmt</a> ook niet toe aan alle blogs .......lezen wil nog wel maar een reactie achterlaten kost de nodige tijd en soms heb je die even niet .Wat een eer trouwens dat je huis in de ikea komt , daar gaan we vast nog wel weer meer van horen ...wanneer en zo........Ben nu al benieuwd naar de foto's .Fijn weekend verder , lieve groet Gea

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