Bang head here

I’ve been working on a project for two years, and recently, I’ve stopped having fun. I used to look forward to going to do work on it. Now I feel like I might as well be pissing in the wind. It’s frustrating. What ever happened to compromise? Why I am stuck as switzerland? Why do I get 12 people who all have agendas using me as a communique between them? Why do I bother managing a team which over half of could give a damn if we were doing this or not?

Going to bang head against wall ad nauseum.

  1. Gabby says:

    so those 4 guys who gave their opinions for this alircte represent or encompass the entirety of .Net developers? NOT Like another person mentioned - .NET and the VS IDE are so extendable for various types of development and platforms that ROR can't touch. Different strokes for diff folks. If you like this better - fine. If not - ok. I hate the arrogance some developer-climate exude that contains nothing but boastfulness and chest-thumping over what is better than what. If it get's the job done - that's all that matters

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