Life 2.0?

I have no bed. I have no shelves. I have no DVD player (at the other house). I’m still in the apartment because the van didn’t start today. Tomorrow I rent a U-haul or Ryder truck and pray it works. Then I have to go to work and finish some 3d renderings and print them out. My life sucks. I want a new one. Any one have that 800 number for that free upgrade to life 2.0? Is it true that Microsoft took over development? Because in that case, i’ll stick with what I got.

At least we got a lot of the crap out of the Florida room of the Florida street house. That’s going to be the studio. I mean really, what kind of house on Florida street would NOT have dimpled chads and a florida room?

  1. Tim says:

    - Marcy,Loved this layout when I saw it over in the SCMG. Love that you are a ctrafy, photo-snapping, homeschooling momma like me too. Congrats on your recent OA DT gig! Suz

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