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So I’ve unpacked most of the books and we’ve got the entertaiment system setup (of course). I’m moving the right way, and not taking anything from my old place until it’s been sorted or verified that it needs to go. This way, I can (hopefully) avoid the paper hell I always end up with: A massive to sort pile and no sorting going on.

We also just landed a huge huge huge web job here at Liquid Media, so I’ll be busy for four months working on a website. I’m so fallin in love with my 3D modeling, animation, and compositing work tho, that I’m split on how I feel about this. It’s great because I haven’t worked on sites this large before, so I’ll get a great idea of workflow and what not. I’ll also get to learn ASP, which isn’t as preferable as PHP, but they’re very similar, and it’s another thing to tack on the resume. It sucks because I really want to keep building my 3D skills.

Alas. I’ll have to do my 3D playing on the weekends. Now I really need to get more $$$ so I can build my 3D box at home and not have to live at the office to play with this stuff. Hmm. Thoughts are runninn rampant. George Lucas, you know you want me to be your all around genius boy right? Heck, I’ll settle for personal assistant. ;)

  1. Bakhtyar says:

    Wow .it seems the conference was fiasattnc..cannot wait for the videos to come out.Congratulations for your talk which received max. no. of questionsI am particularly interested in the talks for Testing and new testing techniques other than Rspec and Cucumber.Please inform as soon as it is out.

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