Fun with max

Ah, so particle systems is fun, and this is the result (1.6 MB download). Yup. That is all 3D Animation with 3D Studio Max r3. How I love my job. And that’s going into a client CD too. Como se dice “PORTFOLIO PIECE” or “DEMO REEL”. Very good class. Yes I’m a happy camper. Now to figure out how to composite that together with the original sequence.

  1. Corina says:

    These ROR newbies are just frkiean hilarious~!Matz is all about making Ruby consistent, follow the principles of least surprise , and accessible to morals , but ROR newbies are in a new class (half the people using ROR probably don't even know who Matz is)You guys are giving Ruby and ROR a bad name btw, MVC isn't new and ROR's implementation of MVC isn't new either.You ROR newbies really need to SHUT UP !!

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