Work fingers to the bone

I hate days like today. Because I realize how pissed off I am and how shitty all this is. I’m not respected by half of my co-workers because of my age, the other half are just confused and don’t know what I do. I work more than anyone else at this company (at least this office) pulling 10 – 12 hour days as the standard, while the VPs run around and chit chat with random clients doing “marketing” – which I’m supposed to do too, but I’m too busy working to do it. And I can’t hire anyone to do the work because we don’t have enough (supposedly) but if I go market and get more, then we can hire someone. But I can’t market because I’m already working 50 – 60 hour weeks just to get the damn work done.I get underpaid by almost $20,000 for the market I live and work in (let alone a major market like LA or New York). I don’t ge to talk to the one person who gets me in some weird way because she’s in the middle of the Pacific somewhere and the people I’m interested in here in DC “don’t date people they work with.” And I’m flat fuckin broke because I moved to CHEAPEN my rent. hmm. That makes sense.

Overworked, underpaid, and generally pissed off. That’s a real healthy way to live. Anyone want to trade? Resume is available here.

  1. Victor says:

    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear this. Hold on a little more, sabi nga nila ktnniog tyaga pa and it'll come soon. I hope they realize your worth soon before it's too late, haha.I pray that you have more patience. ;)*kisses and hugs*

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