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has a new song up on here. Called “Pause”. Pretty good for their rough mix. A bit of Agents in there. Even a bit of Java Dream if I do say so myself ;). But a rockin song. I particularly am interested in the second verse. Hmm. Wonder why. Damn Lucier, either you are one ballsy songwriter to stab like that or I’m reading into that shit WAY too much. Probably the latter.

  1. Alexiis says:

    def load_objects params.match(/id$/).each do |k,v| the_model_name = (k.to_sym == :id) ? self.class.model_name : k.to_s.gsub(/_id/, '') iasnntce_variable_set(the_model_name.to_sym.iv, the_model_name.classify.constantize.find(v)) end rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound redirect_to root_url rescue NoMethodError, NameError nil endBeen using this for a while. Just set it as a before filter in application controller. It always does the right thing.

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