RIP Pyra

So today it goes public that Pyra is more or less DOA. This is sad because I’ve seen them create a hell of a community with Blogger over the last year and a half. The software isn’t going down (at least not yet), but to see a group of people who had that kickin young fresh team attitude going falling apart is plain sad.

It actually makes me worry about Meticulous and if that will ever get off the ground (or out of puddle jumper airspace) and really go somewhere or if I’ll be 90 and pissed that I never gave it a fair chance. Hmm. Things to think about. I need to get the posse together. Myself, Mitch, Sullivan, Brungard, Hankins… the people who have the ideas that have shaped Meticulous over the last 3 years. We need to do a brain dump.

Actually, I guess we’re doing better than 90% of the dot com companies out there… we went profitable in our first quarter. Not too shabby. And we’re not in debt now (not yet at least). Hmm. Richmond? Charlottesville? Hmm… Time to play with my excel spread sheet and start planning world domination again. BWAHHAHAHHAH… hAH.. ha…okay, not funny at all was it? No.

  1. Jayson says:

    Amen to that bro. We've watched the evoitulon of blogs from the beginning, when I can count the handful of bloggers that were active in one hand (one, satu, ichi). I was doing my blog in plain HTML back in 2002, and my mentor was Stephanie of Absolutely Fuzzy fame. I think a lot of the new bloggers were directly influenced by either the first wave or the second wave (us) of bloggers. We have much to learn from them too evolve or die. I choose to evolve.

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