1. Cacau says:

    photonashville:Very wide primes don't work well with just about any matte box uenlss the front of the lens is extended into the filter stage or beyond. Has nothing to do with what FF is used or not. No purpose using the matte box on the wides if filters can't be used, otherwise a standard lens hood will do the job. Many matte boxes will cause vignetting with wide primes. Which wides and which matte boxes cause vignetting varies. You have to choose with some wide primes, do I want FF or matte box, because both may not always be a reliable option.From the review, it easily appears that the more complex, adjustable and configurable a rig the more difficulty the reviewers had in using, setting up, handling. That tells me more experience on their part is necessary prior to doing a review. When reviews are done like this in a formal method, readers will always expect expertise in the abilities of the reviewers.The ratings given to all the gear are lame at best. If you choose 10 stars, then understand that equates to the classic school scale of 0-100. A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79 and so on. So why would good, usable, reliable gear get FAILING grades by receiving 6 or less stars. What exactly did they fail at. No footage was shot, so how did a lot of gear fail? LAME.

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