Run around town

Tuesday night I went out to dinner at a japanese place called “Konami” – like the Nintendo game developer – with two friends from school i’ve known since I was 6. Faith works for Verizon and is moving to Connecticut right about now. Emily works for Accenture (anderson consulting) and is down here until March 1. It was fun, and I haven’t changed much (become more obnoxious I think). It’s weird to go hang out with people that have known you and know far too many damaging details about your life.

After that I ran over to Georgetown to the show for Regan at the Tombs with Ashley (friend I went to New Years with). Good fun evening. Same ol thing.

And my friend Jen McDonnell set me up with a girl at CUA she knows. California (and Northern CA at that), music theatre, dancer. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve stopped counting chickens before they hatch, because, well, y’all know – I get pissy and start writing songs :) And that’s not always a good thing.

  1. Jack says:

    If your fellow co-workers use some obrscue browser (yes, even Safari is obrscue by raw statitstics of usage), you are obliged to make it work in that. =)If only Firefox ha 99.9% market share!

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