Summer storm in February

Ah, how I love thee oh Anti-climate. We just had a summer rain storm in February. Rolled in, rained, rolled out. It’s sunny again. That’s all.

  1. Last says:

    Frankly, I fail to see what advantage Action Pack (the MVC cooelnrltr of Rails) has over WebWork2 from a feature standpoint. WebWork had interceptors before Rails had filters plus interceptors are more flexible. I18n is easy in WW2, inexistant in Rails. The WW UI tags are the equivalent of view helpers in Action Pack. XWork (the command framework of WW) can be reused in non web environments, in Rails it is not possible to easily separate the action handling framework.I like Ruby syntax, though What about ActiveRecord vs Hibernate? Active Record has a subset of Hibernate features. Sure, Ruby allows you to write less code since you are not constrained by static typing, but it is not as mature and flexible as Hibernate.Just my 2 cents

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