Studio done

The studio is finished. We’re looking at some phatty jams coming out of the Florida Street House pretty soon kids. We even got a Rhodes going on. Now I just need a keyboard that has a pure piano and strings section and some other cookey stuff and I’ll be a dangerous individual. Not that I wasn’t before, but it can only go downhill from here :)

Until then, listen to the noise I made with loops here.

  1. Vishu says:

    Found a solution to danappeirisg bar with S3 Upload: Try adding the onComplete option with something like this: onComplete' : function(event, queueID, fileObj, response, data) { $parent.find( #uploads').append(response); }Then, the bar stays and will show 100% . The issue with late start is probably because every single uploads to S3 needs separate S3 connection that tikes some time. You could use a local file upload first and then install a delayed_job or something similar to send files to S3 in a background task afterwards.

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