AGR work and play

Off to Charlottesville for the Agents of Good Roots show. Half work, half play (we have to do new photos for the website). I live for this stuff. Cool clients playing rock and roll shows. Who could ask for anything more?

  1. Pokrov says:

    Good post I've encountered the exact same pobmlers you're having. The "add more servers" answer is really stupid, too, given the number and cost of servers involved. I've worked on a large on-line payment platform written in Java which used exactly ONE server to cater to over 60 countries, but a hosting company I've worked for requires 9 servers running RoR to handle Canada and the USA.As for the question of tools there will really never be an instance where an IDE can really help you. Part of the problem is that so many libraries, tools and framework rely on "method_missing" to handle functionality. It would be challenging if not down-right impossible for an IDE to fathom what would be an acceptable "method" name under these circumstances (as a point of reference, ActiveRecord makes heavy use of "method_missing")

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