Reformat and the Bed

The Mac got a big ass reformat last night. It needed it badly as it was being more moody than Amelda Marcos if you stole all her shoes. But DAMN it takes a long time to reinstall everything from scratch. I forgot how time consuming that was. OS Xis soon. Then, I will have unix + mac. Then I will be a (relatively) happy roboboshi. Yes. Robo Boshi. Like Robocop, only that Mays made it up. So ask him.

Drew and I started laying down tracks for “The Bed” last night in the studio as well. And I wrote a new song in total on the metro ride this morning. And who said commuting couldn’t be fun?

  1. Batok says:

    There's a program built into the start menu. Go to Start, Programs, PC Tool Kit, then click on smart rrseote. This pogram will let you make 2 recovery cds which you can reinstall your computer with back to factory settings

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