So all in all a good weekend. I wrote three new songs, created a series of loops for the new and improved, got a KICKIN remix of Roundabout from Mark Raich (aka DJ Hypnotyza). Kick IN remix. And it’s a good day to get stuff goin. We have our ski trip coming up this weekend too. wooho! I need to clean out the car. Vacuum and all. Be all nice and spiffy. I also need to sleep, but we take what we can get.

  1. Wani says:

    Thanks, Adam. I've got me a MacBook Air a month ago, and I know exactly what you're sanyig. :) If you look in my personal blog (, you'll find one of my recent posts about it. It's been hard given the number of years I've been on a PC, but at the same time it's been rewarding due to the amount of things I'm now learning.

  2. Rama says:

    mariane disse:Ne3o fazer nada e9 a pior coisa ! Acredito que a primeira proivdeancia e9 conversar seriamente com o chefe mais superior possedvel ; explicar o que este1 acontecendo e exigir proivdeancias urgentes! Se nada for feito , ou pior , se for demitida , aed sim , entrar com processo solicitando idenizae7e3o. Quanto ao marido, esse tem a obrigae7e3o de estar ao seu lado , confiar e apoiar. Sene3o , ne3o he1 sentido no casamento.

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