Busy boy have I been

Busy boy have I been of late. Let’s sum up:

This weekend we had the RTKL ski trip. Picture pages coming soon, fret not good children. We went up to Snowshoe in West Virginia. Now, I had never been skiing before. I was always envious of all my friends in grade school who’d come back in January with a lift ticket on their jacket still.

We drove the long and winding way from DC, and everything was going great until we crossed the West Virginia state line. Apparently, they have yet to discover the wonders of salting roads in snow. So we get there at 2 AM or so and find the condos we’re staying in. We rapidly hit the sack. In the morning we all get up, get our skis, our lift tickets, our whatever else I’m forgetting, and then Jim taught me how to ski in one trip down the mountain. One very long, painful trip.

By the end of Satuday (day 2) I was ripping down the mountain and breakneck speeds (mainly because the snowplow wasn’t slowing me down), much to the amusement of my three hot ski instructors (okay, I work with them, but I always wanted to brag that I had hot ski instructors). My greatest feat being a wild spin and whatnot at the end of the mountain on the last run.

But it was definitly fun. Ski all day, drink and party all night. STILL get in eight hours of sleep, and do it all again the next day. hells yeah.

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