Crazy days

What a week. Client meeting upon client meeting upon client meeting upon marketing meeting. I haven’t done much but work and occasionally sleep. And I’m still tired. Must… Caffinate… Now…

Also, I don’t know if any of you have similar experiences with this, but I’m really sick of trying to be everyone’s friend, or at least not be an ass to certain people. I’ve realized that there are certain people I want to keep in touch with and most of them aren’t random internet people I talked to once. For instance – I talk to certain people online that I don’t know and have never met more often than my grandparents. That’s not healthy. I don’t know how much longer they’ll be around, and I want to get to know them as much as I can – their wisdom, their company – while I can.

Instead, I talk to people who read posts I make on a list serv or met me once at a show or saw me on TV and want nothing more to brag to their friends that they know me. That makes my stomach turn. People who think they can sum you up because they see you post, who expect you to be at their beck and call on IM all day even though you have to work. Do you know these people? Do you have restraining orders against them? Do Tell.

  1. Joyce says:

    Yes, these types of communities are elxatcy what we need. I am not a Ruby developer, but rather an InfoSec practitioner. I find myself often thinking about how to build such welcoming communities that bridge the gap between newcomer and guru. I will definitely be watching this space and see how you fellows do.

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