AGR at the Metro

I went with Ashley to see Agents of Good Roots at the Metro Cafeé last night. They had two other acts they are on tour with: The Ominous Seapods and The Fuzzy Sprouts. The Ominous Seapods were talented musicians, however, the music never stopped and I couldn’t tell you how many songs they played to save my life. LONG ass jams. Which can be good, but in this case was a bit much. The Fuzzy Sprouts reminded me of Peter Greisar’s style of humour mixed with talent. The drummer looked like Andy Dick from afar. Quite a scene. Agents were in good form and put on quite a show. We didn’t get home until four in the morning tho (and this was only a few miles away in Downtown DC).

The crowd was a broad shift from the normal group that shows up to the shows. It looked like a crowd that could have fit in to Greenwich Village as well as they would fit into a ski lodge in Vermont. At least they stayed for most of the show, especially considering how late it was going.

And Drew got the Korg M1 finally. It’s sweet. And he found the patch for the keyboard section at the begining of “Where The Streets Have No Name”. OH yes. We played it. It rocked. back to the grind…

  1. Smita says:

    rachel - oh, and I LOVE the old couple hodilng hands near the walk to the beach sign. And the ones looking down at the beach from higher up. Great job. It helps to have such good looking people modeling for you!June 10, 2011 11:15 am

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