Five years later

Ah Lunch. A recharge in the middle of the day and time to hit the reset button on my mind.

I’m a bit disturbed by all this shooting going on. Hankins and Shep both have good points on this stuff. These kids are the ones who are picked on. So what. That gives them a right to FIRE A GUN?

I was always picked on, made fun of in school by the kids a year ahead of us. Most of my friends and I got the brunt of that. “Bobo” means “Village Idiot” in Spanish (it’s a Puerto Rican folk tale of “El Juan Bobo” or John the Village Idiot). But did I let them win? NO. I took all that negative energy and turned it around. I was (and still am) hell bent and determined to show every single one of those people how insignificant their lives are. How petty their social status in high school really was.

(warning, bragging ahead)

It was interesting to go back to Williamsburg and see people from high school a year above or below my class. Some of them are doing quite well, but most of the ones who were “cool” are barefoot and pregnant or completely lost in the greater scheme of things. Some are still in school (after 7 years). They can’t live without a paycheck from mommy and daddy. Or they just kinda laid back once they got to college and are taking life as it hits them. I don’t get that mentality. I’ve always been one to go give life a good whallop before it hit me. Premptive Strike baby yeah!

Everyone from my class turned out doing pretty damn well. It was refreshing.

So I ended up at the 5 year reunion having finished a masters degree, started a sucessful web design firm, released a CD and opened for numerous bands at some of DC’s larger venues, won an award for a website and accepted it on live tv on VH1, and was (and currently am) the youngest project manager in the fifth largest architecture firm in the world. Who’s the nerd? right. [end bragging]

I do admit, I went to a great school with teachers who were very much into pushing students to never settle for less, and I remember every one of the teachers and family friends who pushed me to excel and really became mentors. My parents never pushed, they always just said “Do the best you can, and if it makes you happy, then you’ve done well”. Something must have hit with my sister and I because we both never left well enough alone. There is always a way to do better. There is always somethign more that can be improved. There is always something new to learn or experience.

So instead of locking these kids up, push them into something where they can excel. Get Music and arts programs back into schools. Art is usually an outlet for many troubled kids, and if you dont’ teach them to utilize that method and to express their feelings and work through them, they will continue to take, steal, or buy guns, and continue to walk into school and react in the only way they know how. The “Don’t get mad, get even”.

Way to go America. You’ve got the Gun generation on your hands. Better go get some Kevlar.

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