Laura Marie

is the bomb track yo. She just hooked me up with a SECOND ROW seat at RFK for DMB in June. I’m dancing like a 13 year old girl all over the office. You’d think I just won a trip to the playboy mansion or something. Look for all us types. We’ll be wearing the blue shirts that say “NANCIES.ORG STAFF”. Yes. We are that l33t.

  1. Auth says:

    woodmb,I agree with your "best-tour" assessment. The 2000 criucit was wonderful.boiler41, To be even more specific, perhaps the day following Everyday's release was the peak!bigsam,Conclusiveness is impossible in the social sciences, and I certainly do not claim to have reached it. This is conjecture but it is not baseless. And forgive me for being didactic, but the personal shots do not aid anyone.The drop in sales for Stand Up as compared to Everyday represents a 37% decrease--more than that of the record industry as a whole over the same time period. Given that dmb has (or had) a ferociously loyal fanbase, we would expect dmb's decrease to be less elastic, not more elastic, than the overall industry. However, that is not the case. Consequently, macroeconomic/systematic forces do not provide a complete explanation.I'm not trying to analyze Stand Up--I do not own the CD or know the lyrics, and have only listened to parts of the album. My interest is in why Stand Up, despite an enormous marketing push (I received several emails soliciting a purchase even though I am not a member of the Warehouse or any dmb mailing lists) has faired worse than Dave's solo album released only a year-and-a-half prior.Of course many who do not agree with Dave's politics have not left. However, if from nothing other than anecdotal evidence, I know some have. It is sensical to assume that political opinions from non-political figures are usually damaging. If your parents ever told you "don't talk about politics at work", there was a reason. If someone dislikes you for a substantive reason but then hears that the two of you share some beliefs, it is unlikely that person will suddenly warm to you. But if that person did take a favorable view of you prior to your spewing of pungent political opinions, it is more likely than in the previous situation that they will be turned off to you.When Dave came out against the Iraq war prior to military action, it appeared to be more than a knee-jerk reaction--I stand by the interpretation of subterfuge by some.Most shows will sell out this summer, although they are keeping vacancy much longer than in the early part of the decade--when I bought tickets for my first show in 1999, the show was sold out by the end of the day. Same venue six years later and tickets are still available a month after they initially went on sale.

  2. Martha says:

    OK, I re-ripped the Ants Marching tracks from both the 1994 Radio Promo and the Ants Marching US Single/Promo. I also ltisened to the tapes of the 1994/02/21 and 1994/08/25 shows to compare.1. The two tracks above ARE the same.2. They are actually 1994/08/25.DMBAlmanac actually has the date wrong, which is what was throwing me. For the record, those guys are great and this might be the first error I've ever discovered. I've emailed them as well to let them know. Anyways, after listening to the actual tape copies of the those two shows, the Ants Marching tracks on both the Ants Marching Single/Promo and the DMB Radio Promo are 1994/08/25. Zack

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