So Phil, Drew, and myself

So Phil, Drew, and myself had a NICE long chat last night about the band, music, etc. We’re starting a new group. That much was decided. We also got all the beef out regarding the seven years of Tilae Linden and it’s variations. We’re pushing in a more digital, more rock groove. Not shunning the Virginia music scene, as Phil still plays sax, but definitly trying to open up to a wider, more urban sound. And once I get my bills paid off, I’ll be upgrading my guitar equipment to have a phatty phatty sound goin on. More than my typical chorus, reverb, and delay. Get some variety.

And I just got my DJ Rap – “Learning Curve” CD. Kory Juul had told me about her a long time ago. Just taken me a while to go get the damn disc.

  1. Yassin says:

    Yeah, I'm glad you went to this place. It's one of our favorites. They make one of the best heagurbmrs in the State of Colorado, and my husband should know. He tries heagurbmrs everywhere, even at nice restaurants. He was working in Lyons for a couple months about two years ago and frequented Oskar Blues for lunch so much that he was recognized afterwards as a regular. The other food we've tried there has been average, but if you go back you have to try a hamburger. Mamma's Yella is also my fav! Also, as a side note, there's an arcade off the bar. Check that out next time too! They have games you haven't seen since you were 10.

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