Band Names

The weekend fast approaches where 2% of the population gives the other 98% a reason to get completely plastered. All ages are allowed. Can you get your nose above the bar? Then you can have a drink, laddie.

Time to head home and demo a bunch of the new material we’ve been working on. Get it laid down so Drew can work his production magic on it and make it sound wonderfully stunning.

We’re also thinking of new band names. We need your input. The current names on the table:

  • M4

    : or “emfour” or any variants thereof. The Musician’s Four, the M4 Freeway between London and Wales, etc. Easy, simple, and you don’t associate it with anything else. Let’s us do funky graphics. Stands out in lists. Good from a marketing perspective. My personal favorite.

  • The Progress Street Band

    : Good name, sounds established, but the critics would have a field day with putting all sorts of prefixes in there. “The [utter lack of] Progress Street Band” etc. Also – far too many bands with the word “BAND” in the title. And Robbie Robertson beat us to the punch by being in “The Band”. Damn the man.

  • Quadcoche

    : One I came up with. Litterally means “Four Cars” but has no relation to it. An extention of Mays’ “roboboshi”, it became “roboboshi and the quadcoche remix” for something I did with Reason and just went downhill from there.

So as you can see, we need some help. I like M4, but I don’t think anyone else will. So give us your input, m’kay? Right.

  1. Dulamsuren says:

    Brenda, you take the most amazing phtoos! I love wandering over to your website every so often to see what you have posted. These baby pics are especially precious. :-) God bless!

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