Taxes and Rotoscope

So I spent the weekend at the rents helping them with computer issues and doing taxes. They love free tech support, and I love a home cooked meal. Fair trade? I’d say so. The IRS will probably be giving me back over $1500, which will rapidly be dispersed to my creditors to get as close to solvent as possible. Get the credit cards killed off at least.

Phil and I also started working on the branding for the new band. We’re trying to approach the name from a whole new perspective. The brand we’ve come up with actually supports the “M4” concept that .sara so wonderfully came up with.

Elsewhere, I’m cranking on the designs at work for a huge client. We present them Thursday. Correction. I present them Thursday. Yippie.

Back to the grind.

  1. Echie says:

    You shouldn't be seisrrpud that movie makers were aiming at the educational market. The magic lantern slide projector had been around for decades, and by the late 19th century, as I remember from the reprinted Sears Roebuck catalog, there were lots of educational slides with animals, microbes, mining, industry, history, famous people and places and so on. There were even a few slides with moving components to show how the phases of the moon and orbits of the planets worked. When movies came out, the educational market was a no brainer.

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