Bands on the run

Phil and Drew came over tonight and we had a kick ass jam session that we forgot to run tape during. We basically took a guitar lick I developed for the Liquid Media demo reel and jammed on it, with the middle going into a massive screwing around with effects and what not. Phil on drums, myself on guitar, and Drew on keys. Quite the whacked out session we were this evening.

In other news, I’m now addicted to “Bands on the Run” on VH1. Mainly because I feel the pain of what these bands are going through because I’ve done it myself in EVERY SINGLE group I’ve played with. You’d think these guys would learn by age 28 or 30 how these things happen over and over again. Myself? I find the hot Canadian drummer for Harlow absolutely delicious. Yes. Delicious. Like I said, I just want to be a rock star. Is that too much to ask?

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