Attack Dogs

Our next door neighbor on Florida Street has this German Shepard. Walking to the Metro this morning, the dog and owner are sitting outside. Dog on front lawn, owner on porch. As I walk by, the dog decides my leg would make a nice target and charges me. He didn’t get any of it in his bite, but that he tried to do so really pissed me off. I’m about ready to bring out a large metal bat for my walk to and from the metro. Show that dog who is boss.

Now I love animals. Especially dogs. Big ones even. I’ve always had labrador retrivers. And I wanted to get a puppy, but then I thought of all the damage this German Shepard would do if it jumped the fence (which is supposedly did with the people before us and attacked their dog). Of course, if it happens again, I’m calling animal control. F**k being a nice neighbor. The dog is going down.

  1. Ivan says:

    Just about to listen cargnatulotions on joining the dog community but if that is the picture of the actual beast wow remember the 1978 movie of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers , with Donald Sutherland? Do you remember the dog in it that was half transformed and had a human face that is this dog!! Or maybe Gremlins!!

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