Bragging rights

I’m now the youngest project manager at the fourth largest Architecture firm in the world (was the fifth). Still overworked. Still underpaid. Still bragging.

  1. Juan says:

    Deb....some folks can only hear the echo of the darkness, hate and death in their life! Yes "boasttings" can ealisy be caught up in ...but once we realize that we may have been boastful and not truly thankful ...we can repent and about face! I'm so thankful for the Truth that sets us free...."who is w/out sin cast the first stone" ...duh ...there were NO takers! I love you Deb and I know that you only want to give true praise to our LORD for the many blessings in your life ...the Word tells us to not forget the benefits of our salvation go forth my friend go tell it on a mountain !!!! ILY

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