The taxman

The taxman cometh. And I asked for an extention. Not that the government minds, they owe me money this year. So it’s fine. But i swear, it is NEVER just one form. Working through the 1040 and the 1065 (partnership return), then a K-1 for myself and Mitch, then a Schedule C, then a Schedule E, which referenced THREE other obscure number forms. Then an 8822 to change my address officially. UGH. I have a masters and I can’t figure out how to file taxes. How does the rest of the population do it? Is there some trick to the matter? Oh well, four months of procrastination never hurt anyone.

  1. Silvano says:

    It has a whole new flavor to it now, at least ^^lll Oh well. . . .It is iiterestnng to see the opening without the vocals, but I wonder what legal reasons would not allow them to use it. . . Did Dreams Come True or whatever the band was that wrote this song just blatantly say No! You can't use the song in the remake of the game it was first featured in! ? Not likely. Maybe Sega just wanted to see if fans liked it better without the vocals as opposed to the song with them. Like the many leaks going on that are kind of like quality control. The fans see something they don't like, Sega does what they can to fix it. I'm not saying it's true. Just a theory. . . .

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