Joy of design

The joys of design comprehensives. Hacking in photoshop to make something look like it might look once MSIE and Netscape mangle the code. But the two losing designs? oh yes. They go into my little black book of things to pull out at random instances and dump on another client. That or use them for my own personal devices. There’s one design i REALLY hope they don’t use, because I want it for boboroshi.

Only a few days until Charlottesville. Party Party. Rock the casbah. We’re getting interviewed by the Virginia Pilot/Ledger Star and a guy doing a documentary. Heck yes, we be “official” in an un-offical capacity. I like that.

  1. Mohammed says:

    Is e9 seo an raca le1idre ate1 feicthe agam riamh. Te1 se9 tf3gtha go deeiaanrch. An praghas ard agus loingseoireachta a edocadh go raibh fifa go maith an caighdee1n. Bhedomar ag iarraidh rud e9igin a soghluaiste agus le1idir le haghaidh sef3nna bf3thair. Chonaic me9 an raca ceannann ce9anna i Khols an le1 eile! Anois, creidim go fedrinneach go bhfuil an stuif seo fedor.

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