Kickin jam

We had another kick ass jam session last night and of COURSE, we forgot to roll tape. I’m going to rig the room tonight or tomorrow so we can simply flip a switch and get a decent recording. This was aliek a 15 minute jam that just went all over the place. I had a Casio Casiotone MT-46. Like one of those tiny key old school 1985 era keyboards that have eight sounds and a cheesy “accompanment” section. I was playing that and guitar with weird delay noise, Phil on drums, and Drew on keys once again. We need to audition the other drummer so we can make a choice, choose a name, and start demoing songs.

So much to do, so little time.

  1. Ranjith says:

    Ruby,Nice Story, yes a person that gives just beucase they want to share just beucase out of the goodness of their heart is so precious, It was like at the festival i went to this last weekend, a couple just said here, gave my daughter and niece ride/game tickets they bought and were not going to use. Recipes are personal and to share what you love with someone else, a stranger makes a powerful connection. Love new recipes, let me know if you tried it as well!.-= Chris Bernardob4s last blog .. =-.

  2. Malak says:

    Two enthusiastic tmbuhs up on both Ruby and Rails so far. <br /><br />Indeed. They're both da bomb.<br /><br />From earlier posts (a mention about starting to read Programming Ruby ) it sounds like you guys are new to Ruby. As a longtime Rubyist, I'm curious: Did Rails influence you to use Ruby? Would you consider Rails to be Ruby's killer app' (or at least Ruby's app that will draw many people who are unfamiliar with Ruby into Ruby-ness). A lot of us have been hoping for years now that Ruby would finally get the attention it deserves. <br /><br />Also, have you run into any Ruby problems (either with the language, libraries, installer, etc) so far that you would like to see fixed?

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