One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and everything is great, but within three hours, everything is going to shit? And not just for you, but for everyone around you. I’m convinced that somehow all this shit is cosmically connected, or is some magnetic fubar that completely throws the world for a loop. Ugh. I need a change of pace and fast.

  1. Vanesa says:

    kramssov: Ite2€™s just one opinion and not fact. Sure, the rievew contains opinions and the star rating is the most subjecitve part but alot of the information presented in this rievew are facts!Just some examples that also relate to worse ratings of some of the Cinevate and Redrock Micro gear in comparison to other manufacturers tested that you mention very undifferentiated as well made and good.Rails cannot go further than the filter stage with the matte box of Redrock Micro. The weight is one of the highest of all matte boxes rievewed and it is also huge.The gearbox of the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus has a size that can make problems with short lenses and if you want to use a matte box at the same time. It does not help that the gear is reversable in that situation and other Follow Focus units perform better in this situation.The matte box of Cinevate looks totally identical to the one by The CineCity. I own a matte box of The CineCity and I like it for the price it costs but it can obviously not be compared to matte boxes by Arri, Chrosziel, Vocas and also Redrock Micro qualitywise but it doesn't have to because it is much cheaper. The Cinevate Titan Matte Box costs $900.66 and even with the added swing away mount it is obviously not in the same league as other matte boxes in this pricerange.And as some paint a very black and white picture of the rievew and who make it seem that some companies got bashed per se just one more example of the rievew: The little base you see in the picture underneath our camera is Redrocke2€™s attempt on a DSLR base plate and oh we love it. Even if Redrock Micro now seems to threaten the rievewers with legal actions which is totally the wrong reaction in my opinion and puts them in a very bad light their gear was rievewed in a differentiated way and on a very feature by feature basis in MY opinion :-)

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