Stop. The. Noise.

The construction continues. The noise is unbearable. I can’t handle this shit on a daily basis. I am going to work from home next week. Screw this stuff. I want freedom to THINK instead of cover my ears and hide under my desk.

  1. Anhie says:

    Hi Patrick,First of all thanks for puttnig down an article for Kaltura which is rare. But am facing a difficulty which you might be able to understand and help me out.I took the trial version of Kaltura KMC and tried using the gem Kaltura to integrate a video from KMC into my rails app by using this in my view:[544,360] %>but am not getting the video to be rendered at my app, am just getting a string-containing div and some JavaScript code containing variables for the video.Have defined the credentials in yml file for kaltura as per your github site kaltura_fu.

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