1. Suleiman says:

    I agree completely with the JRuby coenmmt.It seems that JRuby and NetBeans are always conveniently left out of these arguments because they addressing every single complaint about why Ruby won't become mainstream. Look at the number of daily builds that are done by the JRuby/NetBeans teams it is remarkable and won't be long before all issues are resolved.I think your third point is ludicrous it is fact less and is a waste of time to even coenmmt about it.Do you think that Ruby is the only language that has voodoo behind it voodoo can be done in Java as well, it is just so complex that only a very very small minority of brilliant developers dare venture into that water. In Ruby (and Python) on the other hand these things are relatively easy to do and therefore done more often a blessing or curse who knows.You should also use the TIOBE index when trying to suppose the future. It clearly indicates that dynamic languages are on the rise and static languages are on the fall.Lets take one more look at the Monster Numbers:Ruby + Rails + RoR = 1124Python + Django = 1578Hmmmm does this mean Python is also doomed? I hope not, I hope that at least one of these two or JRuby makes it into the mainstream.@Robert No, and hopefully it won't. Geeze dude would you prefer we all still be using assemblers?

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