It all comes back

And just when you think it’s really messy and going to drop off into oblivion, the music starts and everything starts clicking, and great sounds start happening, and you remember why you like playing with these guys in the first place. New name, new band site, new songs, new toys… all coming soon to a little web server near you…

  1. Yong says:

    OS: My choice: Mac OS (Leopard / Snow Leopard). Ubuntu would be sonecd choice. I would personally avoid development on windows as it becomes a little slow. RoR environment: nginx + passenger (Rails 2.3.4 with Ruby 1.8.7) Would also recommend trying Ruby 1.9 but not on live sites (yet). Editor: My choice: VIM !! People tell me Eclipse is good, Emacs, RadRails etc. take a pick!

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