Creative spurt

I’m pretty convinced that creativity goes in unpredictable, kick you in the rear end, cycles. If your mental health, physical health, and some weird combination of place, time, and sunspots are all right, you’ve got some great stuff happening. Otherwise? You might as well veg out staring at the screen. I’ve got tons of musical ideas running through my head. No good lyrics. The music ideas are snippets of something at best. Nothing is coalescing right now. It’s just bits and pieces floating.

I’ve been staring at the screen all day today trying to lift off, to start moving on something. And I’m and engine that just won’t turn. Is it diet? Lack of exercize? Too much caffiene? Not enough partying? “Cause I just have the feeling / I could blow through the ceiling / If I just turn and run.”.

  1. Viktor says:

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