Absent minded professor

Today, I resemble the absent minded professor. I finish up five extensive loops at home this morning for work, and I mp3 them and everything, and the ZIP disk is sitting on my desk at home still. I really do need to start taking Ginko Biloba again, don’t I?

  1. Tiffany says:

    I agree. It would be nice if rails allowed you to iucnlde templates in your project directory that override the default templates. The original scaffolding sucked and people did not use it much. The 2nd iteration of scaffolding is much better, but still lacks easy customization. It gives you a nice base point, but there are many apps that use rails that don't really fit the default template. BTW, welcome to Rails you kinda get used to the outdated tuts Rails has evolved so fast, that you can almost look at this as a good thing.. that means more problems have been fixed and good features added. Rails is still the best (in many cases) and the most fun framework to code, in my opinion. Its not perfect, so if you find a feature like this that you think should be added, try pushing it to the community and see if we can get it iucnlded in the codebase.

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