Recording push

Now begins the massive push to getting songs recorded for the Rotoscope demo before Drew heads off for work for the summer. Three songs will be done mighty quick, sequenced kits and all. Coming soon to an near you.

  1. Vjp says:

    The people bienhd the condom (etc.) requirement don't care about your health or safety. They care about killing porn. So, the more ridiculous the requirements are, the better. And I'm sure none of them care about the long-term health and safety effects such absurd regulations would bring, because if porn in America is forced underground, performers will be much less healthy and much less safe.

  2. Shahabuddin says:

    darren wong / seriously, you left out a ton of steps, and your werttin descriptions of what you are doing are like those how to draw books that go like, step one- make a circle .step two- now you are done and the picture they are asking you to make is all shaded and rendered out ..needs way more pics of what you are doing here almost missed the step where you moved the verts of that original bevel/merged em with that one edge loop .Also better angles + different ortho views of what you are doing might help .other than that, thanks for the tutorial!

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