Jeffords Jumps

Wow. We have a non-Republican Senate. Hallelujah. The Republican Party is seeming to miss the point that the majority of America is a moderate institution. Their strict alliance with the Religious Right is not only frightening, but brings into question and concern elements of separation of church and state. Faith based initiatives? Isn’t that a contradiction? It’s the Government support of an official religion, that being along the lines of Protestant Christianity. The Catholics, The Jews, The Hindus, The Muslims… they don’t get money. Why should anyone else? They shouldn’t. Plain and simple. Church is church. State is state. Faith based has nothing to do with the US Government other than to appease the Religious Right.

Parents who do not take care of their children and let mass media and other groups raise them are kicking and screaming that their kids don’t have morals. Well, they learn them from their parental figures. If Eminem is a parental figure to the child, that’s what you get. Having a child is not a status symbol, it is a life long commitment to the individual that is half you that you will support them and help them as they grow into an adult.

It’s almost as if they need a parenting license. That should be a class in high school. Parenting. You should be required to take it.

  1. Tassiano says:

    I was excited to see this tool psetenred at Dreamcore 2010 and am glad to see it out in the wild now as well. We've been employing the Custom Item pattern for a few years now at Aware but, as you noted, it does get pretty tedious creating all of the wrapper classes by hand.Hopefully this tool will help spur others into using the Custom Item pattern and, dare I say it, usher in more consistent Sitecore development practices.Thanks for sharing with the community!Adam

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