Cool Client News

First off, from Grantham Dispatch, Chris Keup is going to be playing The Living Room in New York City on June 1. Check it out if you’re in the Big Apple.

Secondly, Ms. Rebecca Lord will be on the Mandy Moore [insert dirty old man comment here] show which tapes on May 30th.

Finally, Crenshaw will be releasing their CD “3” at IOTA on June 21st. We did the sleeve design, and my roomate Drew plays keyboards for them (and on the disc). Free CD just for showing up. Not too bad.

If I can’t be a rock star, I can at least live vicariously through the rest of them, right?

  1. Marion says:

    this is buttercup sand dunes acosrs from gordons well. great place, just went there this weekend with my banshee and loved it in three weeks I'm goin again, I'll get videos

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